What's in your kit?

Each paint at home kit comes with everything you need too create your own unique pottery.


Your kit will include:

  • your choice of ceramic item to paint. (we call  these 'bisques' which simply m means pre-fired. pottery)

  • a selection of 6 paint colours of your choice from our colour range of colour palettes,

  • a sponge to wipe  dust from your bisque before painting,

  • paintbrushes and palette

  • a Sharpie to sketch out your design before painting if you wish to (the Sharpie disappears when we fire your piece)

  • an instruction & ideas leaflet (we will also give you links to online  video tutorials)


Your bisque will be white so if you want a design on a white background there is no need to paint this. For this reason we don't usually include white in your kit.

However, if you feel you need white for the design you have in mind (for example when painting eyes) just ask & we will add some to your kit. Similarly if you need a little. black for painting eyes just let us  know.