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Pick Your Pottery

We have a wide selection of pottery pieces for you to choose to paint (and are adding more all the time!). We call them 'bisque' which simply means pre-fired pottery.
Prices vary depending upon the bisque you select but the price shown includes all you need to paint your piece, glazing and firing too so the price you see is the price you pay. 
When booking you may want to tell us which piece or pieces you would like to paint so grab a pen and note them down. You can always change your mind on the day too if you see something you'd prefer as we are always adding new items.
If you are planning to visit in less than 7 days and there is a particular piece you want to paint please call us on 01670 531033 to check we have it in stock.

NEW RANGES NOW AVAILABLE: Book your pottery now or simply choose when you arrive (and it's ok if you change your mind too!)


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