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Disney "Lion King Family" Crystal Art Canvas on Wooden Frame -Featuring Officially Licensed Disney Art

Create a beautiful piece of wall art with Disney Crystal Art kits! These kits involve the relaxing and enjoyable Crystal Art technique, which is also known as “diamond painting”. Each Crystal Art design has a numbered, adhesive template. Using the handy pick up pen(included), simply lift up the coloured crystals and place them on the corresponding numbered dots on your project. The crystals affix instantly! Once you’ve finished adding all the crystals, the result is a gloriously sparkly piece of wall art, which you can use to decorate your home or to give as a handmade gift. As our Crystal Art canvases are already stretched and mounted on wooden frames, they’re ready to hang as soon as you’ve placed the last crystal!

This complete Disney Crystal Art craft set includes:

1 x Crystal Art template, mounted on wooden frame

Pick up pen



Bags of resin gems

Pre-sorted packs of crystals

Storage bags for extra crystals

Instruction manual

Framed canvas size is 30cm x 30cm. This project takes approximately 6 to 10 hours to complete. Our Crystal Art kits are suitable for ages 8 and up.

The Lion King Family Crystal Art Frame Kit - Canvas Kit 30 x 30cm

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