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PRACTICALLY PERFECT  Open up the protective, carry-anywhere, fabric zip-around case for a dazzling array of solid colours in pencil form - named, numbered and colour-coded for practical picking from fold-out wallet, complete with water brushes and foam pads.

ALL-CORE MEANS MORE No wood and 5 times more pigment than an average coloured pencil - so you’re free to use the whole stick: thick for bold coverage, pointed for precise details. Longer lasting, less sharpening so less waste… use the shavings for incredible effects.



ENJOY THE VERSATILITY With 48 vibrant colours you can be seriously creative. A little water on brush or paper makes your pencil strokes melt, blend and dissolve beautifully – so your drawing magically morphs into a painting.


EASY TO BUILD YOUR SKILLS Unique fold-out tutorial enables you to make the most of woodless watercolour pencils by re-creating the stunning ‘Moon Hare’ cover illustration in six easy-to-follow steps.  A tester sheet and selection of sketchpads are also included.


TESTED, TRUSTED AND GUARANTEED  Tested and developed by our studio experts to surpass competitors. Trusted by ultimate judges – our 1.5 million customers worldwide; backed by unique money-back-PLUS guarantee.

Castle Arts Woodless Watercolor Pencil Set

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