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Glazing & Firing Your Pottery

Once your painted pottery arrives back at our studio we will glaze and fire it for you.

This usually takes 7-14 days (depending upon the quantities we have to fire) so please keep this in mind if you are painting. pottery as a gift for a special occasion. 


Firstly we dip your pottery in a liquid glaze  which will give it a gorgeous, shiny and hardwearing finish.

Once the glaze is dry we fire your pottery in our kiln at temperatures around 1000 degrees!


Your pottery is very special to us and we treat it with the utmost care however sometimes the kiln gods are not on our side and pieces crack in the kiln or develop glazing imperfections due to dust particles in the air.

We do our very best to prevent such problems but ceramic firing can be a little unpredictable at times (that's what makes it so exciting!).

Should there be a problem with your pottery (thankfully it is pretty rare it happens) we hope you will understand and we will offer you voucher to paint again.

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